Wool knitwear
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Knitwear in our blood…

Knitwear is in our blood. Before there was a brand, there was one man in a garage in Dublin, knitting wool sweaters to keep his family warm. The chill coastal winds of the Atlantic have never been merciful. As they whip around the tiny uninhabited island of Ireland’s Eye and drive the waves over Claremont Beach in the village of Howth, they also drive the instinct to wrap up tight in layers and layers of wool. That elemental quest for comfort and warmth remains at the heart of IrelandsEye.



IrelandsEye knitwear

A legacy of quality…

We have inherited an unshakable legacy of quality: natural yarns that feel as good as they look. We have also cherished a belief that investing in exceptional design will never steer you wrong. Combined, these qualities have allowed us to consistently fuse the soul of the classic Irish wool sweater with the vigor of contemporary fashion.


Irish wool knitwear

Something with heart…

In a world that seems to be growing more and more uniform, we’re convinced that people want something special, something indelible. Something that carries the mark of human hands. Something with heart. The tradition of Irish knitwear is built around individual knitters and small cottage industries: in many cases, quite literally. Although our business has grown dramatically, we haven’t strayed far from that model over the years. You can see it in the hand-finishing of every single garment that we produce and the dedication we bring to every aspect of our business.