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‍29 May 2020

During the Covid-19 pandemic, IrelandsEye, and many other businesses, were forced to close their doors temporarily. As retail stores shut and lockdowns were imposed worldwide, there was suddenly very little demand for knitwear around the globe.

Knitwear is all we have known for the past 30 plus years, but suddenly we were faced with an unimaginable challenge. Demand for our product ceased. We had a factory with raw material and a team of skilled workers. Quick thinking and adaptation was needed if we wanted to survive.

We re-arranged our production floor to maintain social distancing and began learning how to make reusable face masks on our sewing machines. Our volunteer workforce was made up of just five family members in the beginning. Generous donations of cotton fabric allowed us to donate multiple packs of face masks to front line workers. To date, over 3,000 masks have gone to local nursing homes, GP clinics, pharmacies and other front line workers.

After many weeks of donating our masks nationwide, it became increasingly difficult to ignore the demand of people wanting to buy our masks for themselves and their loved ones.

And so, “Face It”, was born – a collection of reusable non-medical cotton face masks for adults. By wearing a cotton face mask, we can help to contain the spread of Coronavirus. This also frees up medical grade masks for frontline workers who really need them.

The name “Face It”┬ácame about as we can face this virus with hope and confidence, but most of all, with the knowledge that we are all facing it together.

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